Let your spirit soar!

 Satsang with Guru Shakti Durga San Diego 2016

Satsang with Guru Shakti Durga San Diego 2016

We teach you how to ignite your spirit, empower your relationships, create wealth, master your mind, and live in the miraculous flow of life. We welcome everyone and offer many of our programs by donation.

Become empowered with the practical and spiritual knowledge to create and maintain a happier, more fulfilling life. There is endless potential for increased self-fulfilment, love, joy, happiness and peace. There is also a wealth opportunity sitting untapped right under your nose.

The Path of Ease and Grace Seminars help you unlock this potential.

  • Create a happier life
  • Transform relationships
  • Attract more wealth
  • Discover your purpose
  • Ignite Your Spirit.



Re-ignite your passion for life. Discover who are you, improve relationships. Release negativity and fatigue. Let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve. Connect with an uplifting community. Become energized and enthused. Fall in love with being you!

Find your new shiny self! Ignite Your Spirit is one of 9 seminars where you discover the power of your energy body and learn to access it to create a healthy, wealthy and inspired life.



Super-charge your healing skills. Learn to perceive chakras and energy. Discover how your chakras interact to create your experience of life. Learn power-tools for transforming stuck energy and emotion.  Participate in guided meditations and receive deep healing to liberate your spirit!

Discover the power tools of transformation!

In Ignite Your Spirit One, you learned about your multidimensional self and simple tools to clean your etheric body. In Ignite Your Spirit Two, you will add more skills to your repertoire, discovering how to use energy, sound and affirmations to facilitate even deeper transformation for yourself and others. 

Ignite Your Spirit 1 is a prerequisite to this seminar.



Unshackle the power of the mind. Eliminate core limiting thoughts and beliefs. Use energy from your soul to purify your astral field. Enhance your capacity to experience pure divine inspiration and let your soul guide your life. 

Let Your Soul Drive Your Life!

Yoga of the Mind is a seminar that focuses on the connection between the mind and the soul. It helps you to strengthen the influence of your soul in your life and use your mind as an instrument of divine creation.  

Ignite Your Spirit 1 & 2 are prerequisites for this seminar. 


Live peacefully with your emotions. Understand how your vibration creates your experiences. Learn more skillful, empowered communication and conflict resolution. Experience more intimacy, connectedness and closeness with those you care about.

Bring more love into your life! Empowering Relationships gives you a toolbox to deal with the most difficult situations in relationships. It enables you to love yourself.



Learn to understand different types of people. Love the unlovable. Become empowered in all circumstances. Stop reliving old patterns in relationships. Reignite the honeymoon phase of your relationship - and of your life!

Reclaim your power!

Empowering relationships 2 is a deeper look at the fundamental forces at work in relationships. When we understand the hidden dynamics of conflict, we can heal the root causes that hold us separate. This allows us to reunify and return to peace.  

Empowering Relationships 1 is a prerequisite to this seminar.


Dare to dream of a better life. Learn tools to bring wealth and happy circumstance into your world. Measure your energy body’s current financial capacity and then learn to expand it. Manifest more of what you want.

Create a life of abundance!
Many people are aware of how to use their mind as a tool for creation. In Dimensions of Wealth 1, we learn how to add energetic power to our mind’s affirmations and supercharge our capacity to manifest what we year for.



In Dimensions of Wealth 2, you learn about the energy of the soul and how to work with it rather than against it. You discover how to align with the spiral of your soul, so the wealth of your destiny can flow to you. 

Live Heaven on Earth!

Receive wealth activations. Get in touch with what your soul yearns for. Cultivate wholeness in your Spiral of Wealth. Live in the grace of divine abundance. Open to the art of miraculous manifestation. 

Dimensions of Wealth 1 is a prerequisite to this seminar.


Learn 12 laws that govern creation. Find peace in any situation that life throws your way. Stretch into a more cosmic understanding of life and Self. Align with the natural flow of the Universe and live with ease and grace.

Learn the rules of the game of Life!
The twelve spiritual laws are part of the fabric of creation itself. We cannot avoid them, so we need to learn to understand and embrace them. When we start to work with the Law of the Universe, the Universe starts to work with use and then anything is possible!

All of the previous Path of Ease and Grace seminars are prerequisite to this seminar.



Discover the 12 hallmarks of spiritual mastery. Understand the classrooms on the journey to Self-Actualisation. Learn tools to pass your spiritual tests with distinction! Get more traction on your path to Enlightenment. 

Take up the call of the Spiritual Master!

The twelve hallmarks of spiritual mastery are the characteristics that unite masters from religions and traditions throughout history.  Although this seminar is the final one in the Path of Ease and Grace it is the beginning of an incredible spiritual journey that will blow your mind!  

Spiritual Mastery 1 is a prerequisite to this seminar.



Customs and Practices

Q I’ve heard negative things or had bad experiences in the past with spiritual schools, how do I know I’m safe? 

A. Shanti Mission is unusual in that we offer all of our courses and seminars by donation. The main motivation for our teachers isn’t to make money from their work, but rather help to make the world more peaceful. We also have a very clear code of conduct that all teachers and leaders must follow, and a complaint resolution process. Finally, at Shanti Mission we are happy regardless of whether you want to study with us for a lifetime or even just once! We are a large spiritual community and many people come and go from Shanti Mission and we always welcome them back with open arms when they come to visit. We know everyone has a unique spiritual path and whether that’s studying with Shanti Mission or another school, we’re happy when people find more satisfaction and peace in their lives!


Q. Shanti Mission uses a lot of Hindu statues and music, are you a Hindu school?

A. Shanti Mission is a multi-faith spiritual organisation that studies and learns from all faiths, religions and spirituality. For example, much of our music is derived from Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and even Sufi schools. Having said this, Hinduism is very accepting of all faiths and spiritual paths and so Hindu practices and approaches, such as the devotional rituals, work very well with our own particular spiritual philosophy. At Shanti Mission we are very grateful and devotional to the Divine for all that we have been given, which is why devotion is the first pillar of our school’s eight pillars. We also get a great deal of inspiration from the oldest spiritual texts in existence, called the Vedas. These are the basis of Hinduism and were written as early as 1500 BC.  We also derive teachings from the Western streams of wisdom and we teach the Egyptian system of Alchemy as well as Kabalah.


Q. Why do you have so many statues of different Hindu and Buddhist Gods around your centres and ashrams? 

A. At Shanti Mission we believe there is only one God, but that God is so complex we need to look at many different aspects of the Divine to truly understand its nature. This is why there are so many deities in Hinduism and so many versions of The Buddha. We find that by studying each of these deities at Shanti Mission, which really are just different facets of the same thing, we can better understand or approach our creator. It also helps us to understand the path we need to take toward self-realisation. Each deity, whether it’s Durga or Shiva or Manjushri is part of the same, singular ‘God’ but represent different aspects such the protective mother, or consciousness, or wisdom. 


Q. Who is Sri Sakthi Amma? 

A. You might have noticed pictures of Amma around the ashrams or our centres or heard Amma’s name being mentioned in classes or Satsangs. Amma is an Avatar (Divine incarnation) from India and also the Guru of Shanti Mission’s founder, Shakti Durga. If you’re curious about Amma, we run regular retreats to the ashram in Southern India. Those who go on the retreats come back filled with bliss, excitement and appreciation for this amazing and humble Divine being. You can find out more on the Shanti Mission website.


 Do I Have to do the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series from start to finish? 

A. It is recommended that you complete the Path of Ease and Grace series in sequential order to obtain maximum benefit. A number of the seminars have no prerequisites so you are welcome to register for these courses at any time. Make sure to check these details when booking in for courses. You can take Ignite Your Spirit 1, Empowering Relationships 1 and Dimensions of Wealth 1 without taking other seminars.


Q How do I become an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist? 

A. The Ignite Your Spirit Therapy program is an incredibly powerful personal development program that often leads to rapid and deep life transformation. This program is for those who want to learn how to heal and change all parts of their life, not only those who want to become a therapist as a new professional vocation. If you have completed the Path of Ease & Grace seminars and want to train as an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, you can apply to register for our Therapist Training Program. Details are on the website.


Q How do I become a Teacher? 

A. If you are passionate about teaching and mentoring others, you may want to consider our “Self Realisation Training” once you have completed the Path of Ease and Grace and either Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Training or the Make a Difference Program. Being accepted to the ‘Self Realisation Training’ does not automatically entitle you to become a teacher. Only those selected, based on demonstrated teaching talent, will be invited to take teacher training.


Make A Difference
Self Realisation Training Program

In this training you will become proficient in the use of energy and consciousness to effect changes that perhaps you never dreamed could be.

If you’ve completed the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series and you are looking to continue your spiritual awakening, you are invited to apply to join our Make A Difference training.

- Be empowered in your workplace

- Learn how to work with energy to effect change, with confidence and compassion
- Improve self love
- Deepen communication skills and learn how to speak your authentic truth with respect and effectiveness
- Learn to assertively and skilfully handle difficult situations and people
- Mind management and training
- Problem solving, work/life balance and time management

Q: What is the self-realisation training

A: After completion of the Path of Ease and Grace and Make a Difference, a whole world of intensive and enlightening spiritual training opens to you.  Details are available from our registrar.


Q: What is Higher Guidance Training 

A: The Higher Guidance training series of seminar are for those who love to delve into the esoteric roots of the major wisdom traditions of the world, we explore such things as Egyptian alchemy, kabbalah, esoteric Buddhism and Christianity and reveal ancient mysteries in a practical modern context and we relate them to the philosophical Path of Ease & Grace, Tantra and goddess traditions, Hinduism. 



Q What is the Friends of the Harmony Centre? 

A. Friends of the Harmony Centres are people who have found that the healing and education they have received at the Harmony Centres through meditations, our healing clinic or our seminars to be so valuable that they want to make this opportunity available to others. Friends donate regularly (tithe) to support the work of Shanti Mission and to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of others.


Q How do I Volunteer? 

A. There are many opportunities to become involved at Shanti Mission. This is an excellent way to get to know people and become part of our community. We call volunteering ‘Seva’ which is a Sanskrit term that properly reflects the spiritual growth and transformation that comes from helping a spiritual community to grow. We help our sevites (volunteers) to embody compassion and loving-kindness as well as completing the many tasks that are required to be done to keep Shanti Mission moving forward. Contact manager.sevites@shantimission.org for details of how you can get involved.


Q How do I Book an Appointment with a Healer? 

A. There are many excellent healers and practitioners that operate at our various locations. To book an appointment with a healer you can contact the office at any of our locations, or visit the Find a Healer page on the website.


Q What is IYS Therapy? 

A. “Ignite Your Spirit” (IYS) Therapy was developed by Shakti Durga after 15 years of study with various teachers of energy healing, and in various spiritual traditions.  It’s a powerful healing modality that incorporates holistic counselling, mentoring and energy healing. 


Q How do I find out what all the names mean? 

A. Sometimes during mediations or seminars we refer to spiritual terms and names from a wide variety of the religions and spiritual traditions. We try to explain and translate these names wherever possible to assist with understanding. If you’re curious, be assured that we believe in only one God, Creator, Divine … to us the name we give the creative force that gives us life doesn’t matter. However, each of the names we use represents a different aspect of the divine. 


Q What does Shanti Mission mean? 

A. “Shanti” means peace and so our Mission is to create a more peaceful, loving world. We do this by helping each person create a more peaceful life so they can, in turn, assist in creating a more peaceful world.