Spiritual Toolkit



I always like to start the day off with a shout out to God. My day always seems to run so much better when I have connected with the big guy/gal upstairs. 

P.s none of these prayers are original but they are the things I do every day and they work, so I want to share them with you.

Set aside prayer

Please God help me to set aside all the things I think I know about myself. Help me to set aside all of my old ideas about who I think I am and help me to open up my mind, body and soul for a new experience.

Fear prayer

God, I give you all my fear, please take it. (really simple, but sometimes I forget!)

Truth Prayer

Please God, show me the truth of who I am, and show me who you want me to be. (hold on to your hats with that one)


Thank you God for everything that I have in my life, thank you for keeping me safe and showing me the way.