Learn How To Puja


Learn How to Puja

Puja is a devotional practice that will expand your energy field, cleanse and calm your mind and connect you in a deep and profound way to the divine that is all around us and within us. Whatever you faith is and whatever path you are on you are totally welcome to join in. Puja can be performed to a picture of your teacher, master, saint or guru and can also be performed to an idol or really anything actually (even your plants & pets!) When we perform puja we are actually bringing the divine essence that is in that photo or statue (the same divine essence that is in everything) into the physical. When the puja is done with love & devotion the divine energy pours into our consciousness and energy field, cleansing us on every level and we experience a deep sense of bliss and peace.


Fire Yagam

Fire Yagam is a sacred fire ritual where we revere the fire as the divine. We offer ghee and other offerings into the fire with our love and devotion. The energy gets really strong as we chant mantra and hold our intention on prayers for family, loved ones and the planet. It is such a great service for humanity and we get to breathe in all the good vibrations too! Jai Maa!!



Abishekem is a sacred bathing ceremony that is performed on a sacred idol or statue. As we are offering our love and devotion to the divine through the puja, it appears like we are giving the statue a bath, which we are, but WE are actually the ones having our consciousness and energy cleansed and purified. It took me a little minute for my mind to let go of trying to figure it out before my heart took over and opened up to more bliss and peace than ever before! I highly recommend it!