The Book

'Soul on Fire' charts my awakening from darkness to light.  It is my aim to help others find a way out of whatever limiting beliefs they hold, and surrender it for a new way of being. I offer my story to those who believe they do not have the power to change or who feel that they are too small to make a difference in the world.

I lived a life where drugs and alcohol were king and the Underbelly of Australia was my family. I lived my life in accordance with the rules of the Underworld and found myself running from state to state, country to country to escape the ever growing carnage of my destructive ways.

My story is not a tail of woe but a detailed description of an ego in full flight, which through countless attempts at surrender became refined and teachable. It is through this process that the true essence of my soul has emerged giving me a life of freedom, peace and liberation from the way I used to live. Believe me if I can change my ways anyone can.

From guns and gangsters to mantras and healing people all over the world, there is something in this story for everyone. Whether you want to be inspired, thrilled or even just to have a good old laugh, I'm sure you will enjoy peering through the window of my life and join me in my homecoming.