Service & Volunteers

If you have heard the call and want to make a difference in the world then sign up and be one of our volunteers. Being of service seems like we are helping others, which we are, but we believe that those who give are actually receiving the blessings the most. It's a win win.

When we give freely of ourselves we open up channels of grace into our lives. We feel good about ourselves and the good vibes spread throughout all areas of our lives. This in turn uplifts our spirits and attracts more positive energy. This 'being of service' thing is really catchy and no wonder, because it feels really good!

There is much going on in the world today about which much can be done if we just listen to the call in our hearts and serve. 

We at The Brahman Project are in service to the Divine and we would like to extend that same opportunity to all of you! 

Looking forward to meeting you all!