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Brahmankyrie & Shakti Durga in encinitas 2016

Brahmankyrie & Shakti Durga in encinitas 2016

Sri Sakthi amma

Sri Sakthi amma


My Story

Hey peeps! My name is Brahman Kyrie, but don't let the bindi dot fool you, my life wasn't always a spiritual one. Truthfully I spent most of my life trying to get out of living and I was more concerned with getting as far away from myself as I could. I grew up in a family where no one really new what they were doing. I mean does any parent? There is no instruction manual and every person, whether they are raising a child or not, is having to deal with their own conditioning, fears and insecurities. I'm sure that this can be tough when bringing children into the world, so I feel gratitude and compassion for my parents and the job they did raising me. And lets be fair, I was a bit of handful.

Growing up was challenging for me and so at a very young age I turned to alcohol and drugs. This seemed to do the trick initially apart from the unfortunate situations that would often occur during these times. I was crippled with self centered fear and could never really see beyond myself, but after medicating myself with drugs and alcohol the fear and sensitivity that I struggled with vanished. Dancing also became a huge part of my life and this definitely held me afloat as I attempted to manage my emotions and the difficulties I faced growing up in my environment.

Throughout the years I seemed to live a double life as my dancing and modelling career flourished, the "other" side of my life was fraught with mayhem, trauma and a deep sense of confusion, self hatred and self destruction. My relationships were troublesome and painful and I very easily blamed them for the toxicity at the time. Looking back I clearly see that I behaved in ways that were emotionally abusive too. So you can see from my history that there was no room for any spirituality in my life, let me tell you.

The word God was not something I ever contemplated. A, because I had no understanding of what that meant and clearly there was no evidence of God being present in my life (or so I thought). And B, because this was not my modus operandi. If I needed something done I had to do it myself, and this, I came to understand, was the whole crux of the problem.

In August of 2006, by the grace of some miraculous energy of love and compassion, I got clean and sober and so began a new chapter of my life. I use the word God because it is short and easier to say than, all loving, infinitley powerful, merciful, adoring, trustworthy, nurturing, funny, compassionate, inspiring, Mother, Father, Higher Power, galactic intelligence, spirit of the Universe. Whatever floats your boat, this is what works for me.

I have been blessed beyond belief! Two years into my recovery I found Shanti Mission, which is spiritual school for the soul. There I met my teachers Shakti Durga and Jagatambe and many more amazing souls who have loved and supported me every step of the way. There I was taught Ignite Your Spirit healing therapy, which I still practice today, one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever experienced. It changed my life and liberated me from PTSD and many other conscious and unconscious blockages. 

Yes I have a Guru! I am a disciple of Sri Sakthi Amma, who is a great Avatar of our time who lives in southern in India.  I have found that having a guide is pretty handy on the spiritual path. If you're going where I am going, get yourself a Guru, its like getting out of an old broken down jalopy and traveling in a Ferrari. This explains the bindi dot and other beautiful sacred teachings that are opening up my connection to all that is. 

My life today is based on what I can give back to you guys. I am part of an ever growing movement of people who yearn to know more truth and feel the bliss of being free from what ever has imprisoned them. Yes! I'm talking to YOU, whatever your current state of affairs is, no matter how far down you have gone, no matter what you have done or how 'unspiritual' you think you are, it does not matter. This is a journey of the heart and a reconnection to your spirit. Join me!

 Hari Om Tat Sat