Fundraisers & Service

The Brahman Project is a non-profit foundation that is geared towards service to all of mankind. We believe that those beings, whether they be of the furry variety or of the human kind, who are in pain or suffering, need our support. Our projects include animal rescue and support of those animals through donation of food and medical supplies. Research Development and treatment programs for veterans suffering from PTSD, food donations and food programs for all sentient beings and public speaking engagements in schools, jails, hospitals and institutions.

Our vision for The Brahman Project, in our infnacy is to collaborate with already established organisations to assist and support their efforts in their charity work. Organisations such as Shanti Mission, Petivity, Thrive, The Gentle Barn, The Karma Dog Project just to name a few.

Our goal for the first annual Brahman Project foundation charity event is to raise enough money to buy our own property here in North County San Diego.  The community will have a place to go in their own back yard to heal, meditate and be part of something bigger than them. It is our vision that we have our own sanctuary where all souls, animal and human, can come for healing, treatment and peace.


Short term goals 2016-2017

To fund the building of the Sri Narayani Animal Welfare Facility in Tamalnadu, India

To launch regular programs where cats and dogs are vaccinated, spayed and neutered to minimize overpopulation both here in the USA and abroad.

Working with The Gentle Barn in the rescue and rehabilitation of “veal” calves that have been saved from slaughter.

Monthly visits to cancer clinics, rehabilitation centers and other institutions, running meditations, giving healing and blessings to those in need.

2017 and beyond!

Our very own all vegan, all organic, palm oil free grocery store nation wide. To assist busy people to make conscious choices about what they buy, making it easy for them to access a “one stop humane shop!”

Consistent animal rescue programs, rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful souls.

To have continual long -term rehabilitation for those suffering from PTSD, where people suffering can stay at our sanctuary. We would also be encouraging groups of healers to travel nationally to support and assist veterans throughout the USA.

To have a national food program, connecting with other restaurants and food chains, collecting their quality excess food and providing it to vulnerable souls across America.

Brahman” means “divine” and it is our vision that The Brahman Project is not only successful in serving humanity through these intentions, but to also support and assist other peoples' “Divine Projects” coming into he world.

The time is now to stand up and give what we can to those who need it. To give back what has been gratefully given to us. To lose ourselves in service is to truly find the real self, the divine self. We can’t take any of our material things with us when we go, the only things our soul can take is that which we have given away. Lose yourself in serving others and find the inner peace, bliss and purpose you have been yearning for.

To Love All & Serve All

The Brahman Project. 


A Call to Action...

When you're passionate about something that is bigger than you, when you want to see change in the world for the better and you want to make a difference, there is nothing greater than teaming up with like minded, big hearted people. Heal your heart, find your purpose and then go take action in the world and make some noise! Help those who are vulnerable, give to those in need and you will very quickly discover why you are on the planet.


visiting the 'sri narayani treatment centre in tamalnadu

visiting the 'sri narayani treatment centre in tamalnadu

Sri Narayani Treatment Centre

In 2016 The Brahman Project donated funds to help build the Sri Narayani Treatment Centre in Tamalnadu, India and we are SO EXCITED about it! This facility provides treatment for dogs and cats that are either homeless or injured and in need of medical support. Dogs and Cats are vaccinated, spayed and neutered to reduce overpopulation and are treated medically by a veterinarian who frequents the facility daily. This is all payed for by your generous donations to The Brahman Project. So if you feel called to support the maintenance of this amazing treatment centre please donate today! It only costs $300 US a month to have the veterinarian there daily, so open your hearts and help a doggy today!






Colaborating with 'Thrive Animal Rescue' to bring back doggies from the Louisiana Floods

Colaborating with 'Thrive Animal Rescue' to bring back doggies from the Louisiana Floods

Bringing the doggies home!

As we at The Brahman Project are growing, we have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with already established organization such as Thrive Animal Rescue. We joined forces  with them to help bring 65 dogs and 1 cat home to San Diego from the floods in Louisiana. This was an awesome example of how when we come together in unity we can move mountains! It is our hope that when we have our own animal sanctuary here in North County that we too will be able to bring relief to the doggies in the shelters here and to all animals that need support. I'm telling you, there is nothing like saving a life and knowing that their life and yours, will never be the same. Sign up on our Volunteers page to be involved with this epic movement of love and compassion and join us!