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Womens conference san diego 2018

Womens conference san diego 2018

Telling the truth was probably the scariest thing anyone had ever asked me to do…seriously!  I particularly could not imagine telling you how I really felt and even if I wanted to, there was no way I had the courage to do it. So it was annoying when I realized, the way out of my prison was to get honest with myself. This did not happen straight away and did not come naturally I might add.

Getting honest is a process of experimenting with ‘bite size chunks’ of truth. It is through this process that I have been able to speak openly and honestly about my journey with alcoholism and addiction (in all of its glorious forms) and I offer this story to anyone who is seeking change. I know when I hear someone speaking from their deepest truth I am inspired. Not only does it fill me with hope but it also motivates me to do the same. Telling my story has set me free and has also helped many others to heal and let go.

Living your truth builds the bridge from limitation to liberation and THAT is what I am talking about people!

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'Warriors For Healing' at The Soul of Yoga.

Peace Angels first annual fundraiser Sydney Australia