Animal Service

We are super excited to be planning The Brahman Project annual fundraising event for early next year! We will be raising money to purchase property here in North County San Diego and we have our eye on a special piece of land that is PERFECT for these beautiful creatures to call home. Having an animal sanctuary here in our very own back yard will be a wonderful opportunity for the whole community to come together and care for the animals, connect through being of service and feel the grace and blessings of being connected to nature. So get amongst it beautiful people and be part of creating something bigger than you that will change the lives of not only the animals but all who are involved in creating a better and more compassionate world. 

To Love All & Server All

The Brahman Project.

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Rescuing Veal Calves

I was completely ignorant when it came to the treatment of our beautiful cows in the dairy industry. I didn't eat meat and so I didn't think I was causing any harm. How wrong was I? Two and three day old male babies are sold as "veal calves" because they have no value to the dairy industry, as they can not produce milk. I will spare you the horrific details of what happens but rescuing these gentle and innocent babies from a whole world of cruelty is one of our driving passions here at The Brahman Project. At our animal sanctuary they will be given the love and kindness they and all living creatures deserve. Compassionate Consciousness people, get on it!



Shelter Doggies

Since I was a little girl I had always wanted to save animals, the lost ones, the abused ones and especially the ones that no body wanted. There are so many little doggy souls that are locked up in shelters across the United States, they are there for so many different reasons, non of which really matter. All that matters is they don't stay there. They need homes and people to love them and that is something The Brahman Project is going to provide. Our animal sanctuary will offer temporary homes for these beautiful angels and as part of our foster program. We will find them forever homes so they can share their beautiful hearts and energy with humans that need it. If you have never had the privilege of sharing your life with a dog, I highly recommend it, it changed my life forever.