One on One

These sessions allow the client to go deep into their conscious and unconscious landscape. This opens up an opportunity to clear past wounds and old energies. We then clear and renovate the thoughts and beliefs that are not serving them in their life using energy to upgrade their belief system about themselves and others. As an energetic practitioner I have seen these healings affect great change in the client birthing rapid transformation.

Group Healing

Group sessions are available and are extremely powerful. We are able to energetically unlock unhelpful thoughts and belief systems, past trauma and old wounds from the clients unconscious mind. Through the collective consciousness of the group, what is evident in one clients field is also uncovered in the deep unconscious of the others. This can then be released from the group and deep healing can occur. 

Inner child

Throughout these healings we connect in and work with the inner child. There has been huge breakthroughs working with the inner child in relation to addiction and changing self-abandoning, repetitive behaviors.  These healings are game changers.


Corporate sessions are great for reducing stress and are available in a group and one on one. They are a great way to let go of job related anxiety and allow you to find peace, joy and bliss even if you are working in a demanding role. These healings are essential for those who find it hard to wind down and also assist you in being more productive.

Laya Yoga

These sessions are very transformational as we work with the kundalini of the client and assist them on their spiritual path. These sessions can be life changing and a definite ‘must have’ for the spiritual aspirant.

Commitment packages

Commit to your healing and transformation! There is no better way to raise your vibration than to commit to yourself and your own wellbeing. I did and I've never looked back!

Do you really want to know who you are? Are you ready to rise like the phoenix through the ashes of who you thought you were? If the answer is yes, then you'd better book in for our special “Soul On Fire” 12 pack.

Book in for 12 Ignite Your Spirit healings for 12 weeks and journey through the valley of transformation. Step into your power and take responsibility for your life and your happiness! The power lies within you, seize this moment!

1 Healing x 12 weeks

1 Healing x 8 weeks


1 Healing x 4 weeks

1 Healing