"Brahman Kyrie is one of the most inspirational people I know. With her help and guidance through regular Satsangs, meditations and course work my life has transformed. In one year I have managed to come off antidepressant medication that I was on for 10 years and I have a brand new positive view of the world. I no longer feel separate, alone and different to people. I generally feel happy and at peace. Things that would usually bother me don’t bother me as much. She has supported me through all the emotionally difficult times during my many transformations and she was a clear channel of divine love that kept me going. I will be forever grateful."


 "I met Brahman Kyrie at a time when life was really hard and I honestly feel like she helped me to transition out of darkness into light. Her presence is divine, and she provided a safe space for me to unravel, discover truth and really heal. She is compassionate, inspiring and an absolute angel on planet earth. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't attended her meditation group, but that really was the thing that - like a lifeline - pulled me through a very difficult time. I am eternally grateful for her loving support, wisdom and guidance. She is a phenomenal spiritual teacher of pure intention and her teachings are of the highest vibration. Absolutely life-changing in many many ways and a gift to anyone seeking to know themselves better, evolve, experience the gift of grace in their lives, trust in life again and start to live each day in flow and happiness. Thank you Brahman Kyrie!"


"Brahman Kyrie is a powerful healer with a natural talent for teaching spiritual concepts so they are easy to remember and understand. As a former actor, dancer, and storyteller, she also makes her workshops fun and entertaining. I was awed and inspired by her passion, devotion and enthusiasm for spiritual growth. After completing Ignite Your Spirit and Yoga of the Mind with her, I feel empowered and stronger – especially now that I know I attract whatever is in my vibration, which means I can no longer play victim in life. I also learned to take more responsibility for my thoughts, because of how they affect my vibration. Brahman Kyrie – keep your light shining brightly. You are a true star in every sense of the word."


 "Like many, I heard along the grape vine about a teacher named Brahman Kyrie and her amazing healings through mediation. Honestly I was rather sceptical regarding the effect meditation would have on my life. I decided to give it a go and try one class and haven't looked back. I am now finding myself with the ability to appreciate the smaller things and just be "present" in my everyday life. I'm no longer focusing so much of my energy on the past and future, but rather living in the "now". I have also noticed a change in my quality of sleep. I now wake up with a clear head, recharged and ready for the day ahead. I highly recommend giving Brahman Kyrie's mediation headings a go!"


"Brahman Kyrie brings a fresh approach to Ancient teachings. She walks her path of spiritual teacher and healer with dedication, enthusiasm, pure joy and authenticity. Brahman Kyrie has helped me embody my true nature, live my soul purpose and understand the meaning of forgiveness and surrender.....no easy feat!"


When I went to my first meditation session with Brahman Kyrie, I never could have imagined where it would lead me. I literally went there with the goal of "Being able to rest my mind for an hour". From the first class, Brahman Kyrie showed such love and openness to me, very much on a level that I hadn't experienced before. After 3-4 months of meditation with Brahman Kyrie, I will never look back. Brahman Kyrie has helped me through a process of learning my truth and has supported me with unconditional love through the whole process. I have been able to start the process of finding my own truth and being accepted for exactly who I am. I will be FOREVER grateful to have crossed paths with Brahman Kyrie, she has taught me about not only loving others, but loving myself. It has truly been a life changing experience."